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About Me

A passionate full stack developer from New York!

I'm Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience specializing in JS and primarily building projects in React and Node. Co-creator of formaBull, a next gen developer tool for form creation. Contributor to the open-source community and crypto enthusiast. Presenter on Testing Frameworks at SingleSprout Speaker Series 2021. In my spare time I'm learning Next.js/Python/Go, minting NFT's, doing sports, flying drones and traveling with my loved ones ❤️


Recent Experience

The Home Depot (myView team)

A internal application for The Home Depot associates to help them perform their daily tasks, track progress, organise workflow, increase productivity and create an engaging work environment.

ReactReduxCypressBig QueryPCF


formaBull is an Electron application for React Developers who want to quickly generate forms. You can create the shape of your forms by dragging elements in, and style them in-app by adjusting sliders in the Style tab, making it a true one stop shop for everything form related and relieving software engineers of something they find very painful - repetitive coding!


Tianjin University of Science & Technology

Forefront website of the university and internal educational platform for students to interact with the professors, complete assignments and engage in the classroom.


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17 Killer Websites for Web Developers

Keeping websites handy can be the ultimate productivity hack, Here are some of the best websites I use to make my life easier. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

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Always open to game-changing opportunities and excited to face new challenges. Hit me up!

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